Writing by Rodney Miles is a ghostwriting and self-publishing assistance (SPA) company.


We’re a close-knit team of hand-picked and tested talent and all told we’ve completed well over 100 books together so far. In fact, in our off hours we chat about the business, share tips, and encourage each other to keep pursuing our dreams for our writing careers, much of which has already come true—we’re full-time, established and respected ghostwriters, editors, project managers, graphic designers, transcribers, interior book design and layout artists, and file conversion techs!  And we help other people realize their dreams of publishing books. Pretty great, if you ask us.


I have a clue that most of the writers on the team have a similar story to my own. I personally reinvented myself at the ripe old age of 40 and decided the time had come for pursuing my long-abandoned dream of being a writer. With the great support of my family I started freelancing on Elance, at first for peanuts then for more, and it was an amazing way to cut one’s teeth and quickly learn the business. I found great working relationships with several publishers in different places across the globe and took on managing the writing department for one of them. I’ll always be grateful to both Elance and my Australian publisher friends and in fact still do a great deal of work with both, and probably always will.



My team had grown to about 27 writers and I decided to consolidate things and invited just a handful of the best of them, and here we are today. And after several years of tweaking, we have an amazing system of producing books, if I say so myself. We handle everything from the initial brainstorming to seeing actual print books shipped to your doorstep, and we love it all. I am extremely proud of the team we now have at Writing by Rodney Miles, and nothing leaves my laptop until we’re proud of the work, and you will be too.

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