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After all, it’s your name that goes on the cover! In fact you retain 100% of the rights and royalties from your books. We charge a flat fee (which you’ll love also, and payment plans are available, so read on!) that includes everything described below and we provide a signed non-disclosure statement so it’s up to you if anyone ever knows you had help. Ghostwriting (no cover credit shared) and co-authoring are big today, as we now know.  We’re pros at capturing your voice, experience and expertise, and ideas.

We have a very thorough process you’ll love.  Our Managing Editor (Jessica) sees that all your needs are met and that your hand-picked writer has all he or she needs as well, and life is good. We keep you updated whenever a milestone is met, we have a question, would like an interview with you, or simply as to progress over time. Likewise, you can arrange a live chat whenever you like. LOTS of communication oils the gears of a great process!

It’s divided into three phases:


The first thing we do is provide you with a Client Worksheet you can start on in advance of our first interview if you like. If you don’t get a chance we’ll just fill it out when we meet. We can meet in person or by live video conference, whatever works best for you. This worksheet is about five pages and has all the simplest, central information we need to get your book project underway.  It includes your information, a summary of your thoughts for your book(s), actual chapter ideas if available (otherwise we can handle that for you), your thoughts for your book cover so our artist can start sending you drafts, and the three key things you should keep in mind moving forward (content, cover, marketing).

We then hold a live interview together, which has three purposes: (a) to get the Worksheet as complete as possible, (b) explain the process in more detail, and (c) answer all your questions.  We actually record this 30 to 60-minute session and have it transcribed so it’s always available to you and our team, helping us all stay on track and on “voice.”

At this point a lot of internal stuff begins. We look to the writing team based on our interview for the BEST SUITED writer for you, and we manage their workload for best results. A great writer is assigned and our internal project management procedure is begun. Files are made available to you via Dropbox and we now share our suite of Client Training materials with you. These articles, workbooks, and videos can be accessed if and when you like and they each deal with some aspect of your book project. For example, most videos are less than ten minutes and one show you how to review and edit your draft once you get it. Easy but very worthwhile and effective. We’re fostering great collaborations because that’s what creates great books!

With an outline approved by you and your ideas for your book cover your assigned writer and cover artist now get to work. Yes, it’s really happening! Your book is being created under your direction by experts!


Voila!  First drafts of your book content and book cover are created and submitted for your review!  Actually, let’s back up for a minute, here. A LOT goes on to get to this point. Your writer researches and writes based on the evolving outline and other materials, including interviews and meetings with you. Your cover artist uses samples of book covers you like and your input combined with our knowledge of semiotics (the psychology, basically, of color) and development of your book title (a small feat in itself). It all dovetails.

When your writer has completed and edited to her or his satisfaction your first draft (and the parts of which will likely have been going back and forth between us) our editing team does a check for plagiarism and copyrights. Any book should be checked for these. The draft then goes to our Copy Editor (Joni or another) for more detailed scrutiny and suggestion. The draft then goes back to the writer who accepts, rejects, or queries the suggested changes. Our Managing Editor has the final say on the draft before submitting the book to you for review, along with a draft or possibly several mock-ups of your book cover.

Okay, now…  voila! That fateful day has arrived! You can tell your friends and associates, “I can’t right now. I have to edit my new book this weekend,” or some such statement. (That can actually invite interest and start buzz, so that’s only partially a joke!)

This is now the latter part of the creation phase: Feedback.  We show you how to go through and make changes and suggestions, and ask questions right in the document. Take your time but keep it flowing. Your options are of course (a) approve, (b) revise, and (c) conference, or some combination of all of the above, but this is a pretty exciting part of the process. You even start to take for granted that that book you’ve always wanted is about to happen!

Of course, the tag end of the Creation Phase is Revision, which can and should be a happy, collaborative process. Exciting, actually. You’ll probably recall things to include not thought of before, after all, you’re the expert!  That’s what we want. This process is designed to bring out the best for your book and be thorough about it. Once we have a nice, ready manuscript and an approved book cover, my team and I format your book for (a) e-book and (b) print publishing.


Pinch yourself!  Or wait a bit, but at this stage your e-book and print versions are complete and ready to upload. We’ll walk you through each step of creating your own Kindle and Createspace accounts (what we currently recommend if you’re publishing just one or several books—if you plan many more we can discuss other options). We’ll be leaving you with multiple files for your content and covers and we’ll explain what each is for. We’ll get your book(s) live and online at Amazon and proof copies ordered from Createspace. You’re a published author. Okay, go ahead and pinch yourself!


In many ways the work is just now beginning. You now own the rights to a title that can be part or all of an income stream for the rest of your life, or one which might also help you establish yourself as the authority in your field, reach out to build a practice or cause, or so many other amazing things a book can do for you and yours. It’s a very special asset and investment you’ve made, and it deserves the best you can give it moving forward.

“Know what you’re good at and hire the rest.”  Isn’t that why you came to us in the first place? Moving forward we have great recommendations for you on how to price your book and how to get the ball rolling—EVEN HOW TO LAND ON AMAZON’S BEST SELLER LISTS, but you need an actual plan (which we can help you with in general terms) and this is best found by working with a books marketing specialist very familiar with publishing and very familiar with social media.

We are not (and don’t want to be) all things to everyone, and there are marketing guys and gals who we think the world of and we’re happy to recommend them and introduce them you to. We’ll provide you with a specific set of files for your books and covers so you are equipped with all you and your marketing expert need in the future. Get ready! The sky is the limit now. Consider a social media campaign, press releases, a web presence, building a platform, and don’t rule out a book tour and public signings! Also start thinking (now, actually, even before we start) about placement of paper copies, giving some away in exchange for honest reviews, and of course…   your next book!


So what does all of this cost?  I actually have good news for you. It’s probably not as much as you’re thinking and there are even payment plans available!

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